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Why The Middle East? Why Oil? Why?

November 26, 2012

From the first crusade to modern day, the question that any inquisitive mind will ask is “what is the obsession with the middle east”. Ultimately we can sum this up with a few words: religion, riches, status, oil. To date, there have been numerous attempts to control, capture and hold states such as Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Middle East, the former USSR failed to capture Afghanistan; but why is it so important?

Obviously we have long lists of involvement prior to this but I’m going to talk here about involvement post 11th September 2001. This day was a turning point for the world, with regards to public attitudes towards racism, Tony Blair’s New Labour softened the hard approach towards equality they had taken previously and the UK and USA were set on a path of war in the Middle East that is not going to end in the foreseeable future.

In these attacks, 2,996 people were killed (2 977 victims and 19 hijackers). The question here is, what was the best response? Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ was not a war on terror at all, it was a war of religions, oil (riches) and status; sound familiar to the crusades by any chance? If we look at the statistics, it is estimated that more than 3,000 civilians in Afghanistan had been killed by late 2002 just as a direct result of US and UK forces; we are now 9 years further in and conflict just gets worse, what do you think that statistic is right now? People rant and rave over how bad these attacks were but in realism don’t you think that we are actually inflicting a fate worse than 9/11 on these people? When people are training to be police officers in these nations and shooting our troops, are they or are they not just trying to liberate their nation from what they see as an oppressive occupation?

Now I am not for a second saying that soldiers are not heroes is what I originally wrote here, instead I will change the statement to “Just because you’re a soldier doesn’t mean you’re a hero.” Many soldiers are people who have no qualifications or very low ones, can’t find a job or career that interest them and they like the idea of firing a gun so they join the army, I reiterate: some NOT all. For example, the US Army has plenty of racist rednecks and I personally, don’t want people far less intelligent than myself representing my nation. Yes, they give their lives for their nation and they are brave souls. But I pity anyone who has the typical ‘Sun reader view’, the media successfully brainwashes naïve people into genuinely believing that soldiers fighting in the Middle East are actually fighting to protect us? SERIOUSLY? Well, if you’re that naïve then go jump off a bridge, please, do the world a favour. Look at it logically, do you believe that these nations would fly all the way over here and attempt to conquer our nation? That they would attack us again and again? 7/7 was a response to the on-going oppression and forced views of our nations. We as a nation along with the USA attempt to change the way of life for these people; but they have survived for so many years successfully without our ‘help’ so what are we really doing out there?

In the 2000 electoral campaign Bush was funded $1,463,799 compared to Al Gores $95,460; let me throw a quote direct from Bush at you and let you think for a moment: “You can’t get too close to the oil industry”.  I think, as leader of a nation George, the you can be too close to the oil industry; if your relationship with these people is going to influence your policies and actions as leader of a nation then clearly, you can be too close.

Lets look at another example, the Kony 2012 campaign, firstly from naïve point of view: Joseph Kony is an evil man who enslaves children as child soldiers and he is currently prominent in Uganda and he needs to be arrested because of the war crimes and human rights breaches he is responsible for. A quick summary I know but it is a foolish view so I won’t go into deep detail. In reality (and if anyone has seen the film Machine Gun Preacher they will probably know this) first came to prominence in 1986. It would be 20 years until a warrant for his arrest would be issued and another 6 until the infamous Kony 2012 ‘film’.

Ironically, it was discovered that Uganda has a high level of oil available to exploit and this was reported online just 6 months before the video was released. The aim of the video was never fully accomplished and then following the failure of the video the founder of invisible children is arrested for running around naked on a hallucinogenic trip and has not spoke out about it or anything of the sort since. Conspiracy theorists suggest that this was a Government cover up and it has all the makings to be as such; but forgetting that, it does seem like, logically speaking the US Government had some role to play: they wanted public support for another war from which they and oil companies would profit from, the only reason this didn’t happen? Non-stupid people saw through it. My question here is: would the case have been the same if Ugandans had bombed somewhere in the US? Most likely not.

All of this aside, I would like hear the answer to the following question directly from the mouth of David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Barack Obama:

“Why are we fighting in the Middle East when we could be fighting to help people that really need it; establishing solid Governments, economies, educational systems, towns and cities in Africa?”

Maybe people like Sam Childers “Machine Gun Preacher” would also like to know the answer to this question. An ex heroine addict that converted to Christianity and has ended up in Uganda fighting against the LRA, saving children from becoming child soldiers and giving them places to sleep, a home and a basic education before sending them on their way to live their life in the safer areas of Uganda.

We donate £100’s of millions a year to Africa that goes into dictators back pockets and fight for corporations that use our soldiers as puppets in Iraq & Afghanistan, the people don’t want us there, but millions in Africa would be thrilled to see us there, protecting them from rape, death, simple illnesses contracted through a lack of cleanliness and so on.

The Genocides in Rwanda in 1994 were another example of us choosing not to get involved; aid was sent, peacekeepers too but they could not fight back. Paul Rusesabagina (You may have seen the film Hotel Rwanda, if not, watch it.) is known for hiding and protecting 1,268 refugees during the Genocide. Manager of a hotel, he used his influence and connections as temporary manager of the ‘Mille Collines’ to shelter 1,268 Tutsis from being slaughtered by the Interahamwe militia. A deeply distressing part of this film, which is confirmed to have really happened by the man himself, involves them driving down a road in the fog, only to discover that for over several hundred meters, they have been driving over hundreds, maybe even thousands of carcasses.

Things like this are allowed to happen in the world and we all do nothing, many of you accept that you are part of a system and that anything that does not directly affect you doesn’t matter and that is why the world is as it is; you think giving £2 a month to charity makes you a good person? No it doesn’t, that money does not go where you think it does and many people worldwide are too stupid to realise this. Many of you are merely robots; you grow up, get a job, have a family and die, leaving nothing memorable behind you. The life you allow yourself to lead is boring and pointless.

I’m not judging you for a second but if you aren’t agreeing with me I would be £100 that you’re either a Sun Reader or very uneducated and don’t have a single GCSE/Qualification above a pass.

If we helped Africa to the extent of liberating every single nation that needed it, assisted in humanitarian work with military protection across the continent and educated politicians, teachers and other workers for these nations then they would be standing on their own feet within 10 years and globally, we would all be much better off for it.

Have you ever realised that the Government has never done anywhere near as much to eradicate racism and inequality in society and the education system as it could have? Margaret Thatcher was a disgrace with regards to racial equality during her reign and the Government will always have these tools to draw upon when they need them. The Government maintains a status quo in society to ensure that you will always have those no-hopers working in coop, as car park wardens, bus drivers etc for their entire career and to keep their self esteem low so that they don’t achieve.

And back to the subject: this is ultimately what they do to Africa, they are happy for it to remain as it does, they don’t care.

A friend suggested to me before: why don’t they set up a load of solar panels in Africa? It would save money spent on oil and it’s a green resource, the fields could be huge and could provide Africa with the electricity it needs at the lowest of applications. I agree with him without a doubt.

But the world will never change because you will always have professional liars in power and puppets to do their dirty work.

Right now we fight for material gain, we always have, there is no need for war but the Government brainwashes us and we opt for it. Ridiculous levels of money are pumped into the armed forces that we could really do with elsewhere: as of June 2010 UK costs exceeded £20bn for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined; I would much rather have seen that kind of money pumped into education and other areas than into death and suffering and all that crap. When you think about it, these wars are forcing us into poverty and recession with no gain for ourselves personally, at least fighting in Africa and helping to rebuild and educate would have gain worldwide. Either way whether it changes or not I know that I will play a slight part in helping by teaching in Africa for at least a year or two one day, 99% of you won’t do jack all and for that, you anger and sicken me beyond explanation. This world needs more SELFLESS people who do good deeds because they want to not because they are told too.

Someone once said to me: “Without oil we are screwed as tax would go up as oil prices rise.” In actuality, without oil we would probably be better off. There are plenty of alternatives to oil but they don’t get the funding they should because Oil companies lobby against it and have huge influence (refer to Bush’s 2000 electoral campaign donations) When we look at another fact too: oil prices haven’t really got any higher, its just our government taxing the s*** out of it because we are in poverty.

Another Sun Readers view: “but the good outweighs the bad”. I know that view angers many people, because I couldn’t agree more: The murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, children, young adults, fathers, mothers, granddads, nans; the destruction of livelihoods & families; the Destruction of homes & businesses, and rape and torture that we have forced upon not one but several countries; the hurt, suffering and pain we have inflicted upon some of our own citizens through racism doesn’t matter because its all for the greater good.



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